Wine is ours


Fresh and crisp Rosé Wine with notes of red berries.

Pairs appetizers and fresh seafood.

Ideal serving temperature: 9 - 10ºC (48 – 50°F)

ABV: 12,5%


Fresh and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc Wine with citric notes.

Pairs appetizers and fresh fish.

Ideal serving temperature: 8 - 10ºC (46 – 50°F)

ABV: 10,5%


Fresh and bubbly Sparkling Wine with tropical notes.

Pairs appetizers and fresh salads.

Ideal serving temperature: 6 - 8ºC (43 – 46°F)

ABV: 12%

is queen

Convenient size. Easy to store.
Sustainable. Light-weight recyclable aluminum can.
A new way of drinking wine. No corkscrew, glass or wastage.
Perfect serve. One can equals two cups.

For any occasion or weather

Always the perfect serve

is queen